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True Confections - TC Cakes - Houston, Texas

There is almost no limit to what is possible in the Cake baking industry today.
Hope these photos will give you an idea of what we can create for you, we invite the challenge
of being forced to think outside the box.
Please let us know what kind of custom cake you would like for us to create for you.
And of course your cake will be Beautiful.  And of course tasty!

Beautiful Cakes Made With Love.

True Confections was founded by Roshika Thompson in October of 2003.
As a new mother & military spouse, residing in the United Kingdom and working
a fulltime job 50 miles from home, Roshika was ready for a change.
She desired a rewarding position that would allow her to spend more time with her family.

Experimenting on coworkers, friends and family led to bigger things
when they all encouraged her to persue her newfound passion of cake decorating.
That help and support led to the birth of True Confections.

With a quickly expanding clientele, True Confections became a household name in
the military community overseas. From promotions & church functions, to birthday parties
and babyshowers, True Confections made a lasting impact on the United Kingdom,
Okinawa, Tokyo & Cairo communities.

As a recent resident of the Texas area, Roshika is looking to achieve the same success stateside.

Give her a call to place your order today!